I remember in 2003 or so I was still living in St. Maarten. I was visiting in the Netherlands and I noticed that they had placed a huge heap of sand in the center of a certain roundabout. It irritated me because it was stupid: it blocked the view of oncoming traffic and I was […]

My new Hero

It’s not a good thing to admit to doing, but fuck it: I hate these simpledick motherfuckers who walk around with their selfie sticks snapping pictures of themselves and their self confident grins that say ‘look at me doing shit and being great’. Pompous has gotten a new meaning. What kinda level of voyeurism must […]

Private space

Bij een restaurant in Rome kon de ober maar niet afblijven van de enorme krullebol van mijn kleine knul. Zijn enthousiasme stoorde me. Ik fronste boos toen hij het de eerste keer deed, maar hij begreep de wenk niet. Toen hij het weer deed en lachend met zijn hand ging wroeten door de krullebol, had […]

When you’re in Europe, visit Europe

By Marvin Hokstam, freelance writer When you’re in the Netherlands, dare to hop over its open borders and take a drive through Europe’s vastness. Don’t just stay in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, but go beyond. You’ll realize (again) that there’s much more to this earth than we allow ourselves to see as we get bogged […]


Als ik zeg ‘Hey man. Au! Je doet me pijn!’, dan zeg je toch ‘oh shit, sorry. Ik stop met datgene dat je pijn doet’. Of niet? Dan zeg je toch niet ‘ja maar …’? Waarom heeft pijn toch uitleg nodig, vraag ik me ieder jaar rond dit sinterklaasdiscussieseizoen telkens weer af. Het is toch simpel, […]


So I take my time this morning; not rushing it cause my first meeting is at 11 and I wanna get to work at 9.45 or so. Mozy down to the tram stop and put myself down next to this sexy (white) chick who gave me the once over several times. I must add that […]